Friday, September 18, 2015

How to get over a Crazy Ex!

Has your relationship history been more like this

Then this

  You're not alone.  Many people struggle with finding the right person to share their lives with.  Particularly when we have few examples of healthy relationships in our own lives.  It can be difficult to recognize red flags when they pop up.  Or you may be so focused on the happy ever after that you miss them or ignore them all together.  It could even be your unconscious sabotaging your success!

Next month, Forward Recovery will be talking about this exact topic at an October 10th workshop.  In it, you'll learn about Relationship PTSD and how to know if you have it.  You'll also learn what to do about it, including how to be more discerning of the person you are hoping to spend a lifetime with.  Join us for lunch and some learning and I promise you won't leave disappointed.

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